Puppycat Approved Cozy Games in Steam's International Women’s Day Sale!

Puppycat Approved Cozy Games in Steam's International Women’s Day Sale!

Steam international womens day sale 2024

Cozy Games for Bee and Puppycat Fans On Sale Now!

Calling all Bee and Puppycat fans! 🌟 Grab your favourite mug of tea and wrap yourself in a cozy blanket because this International Women’s Day, Steam is rolling out the red carpet for games created by women-led studios. We've hand-picked our favourite games that capture the beauty and atmosphere of Bee and Puppycat which are on sale this International Women's Day from March 1st to March 10 2024.


In Mutazione, you’ll explore a lush, hand-illustrated island teeming with quirky characters and magical creatures. Created by the talented folks at Die Gute Fabrik, this narrative-driven adventure weaves a heartwarming tale of community, love, and growth.


Paquerette: Down the Bunburrows

Embark on a delightful journey with Paquerette: Down the Bunburrows, a game developed by the brilliant minds at Bunstack. Enjoy this pared-back, but still stylish relaxing puzzle game. The perfect cozy game to play while watching a Pretty Patrick Lunchtime marathon.



Ooblets combines farming, dancing, and adorable creatures. Picture Bee and Puppycat grooving to catchy tunes while tending to their whimsical garden. The art is colourful, the characters endearing, and the gameplay is as cozy as a warm cup of tea.



Teacup, a creation by Smarto Club, invites you to step into the shoes of a small and sweet frog named Teacup. Traverse a charming world filled with puzzles, secrets, and heartwarming moments. In the recent trend of wholesome narrative adventure games, this one really takes the tea-cake. The gorgeous hand-drawn art style evokes Bee and Puppycat's dreamy aesthetic.


Witchy Life Story

Witchy Life Story, developed by Sundew Studios, casts you as a young witch navigating life’s ups and downs. The main character is a troublesome young witch who has to prove they're not a disappointment! Sound familiar? (cough cough Bee!) Brew potions, make friends, and save the harvest festival! The cozy atmosphere and relatable characters will resonate with Bee and Puppycat fans.


A screenshot of some of the hidden gems in Steam's international women's day sale

And there’s More!

Don’t stop there! Explore other gems like Roll the CatCoffee Talk: Episode 2 - Hibiscus & ButterflyWhen the Past Was AroundCats Organized Neatly, BirthCats Cosmic Atlas, and Snacko. Each game is a testament to the creativity and talent of women-led studios.


So fire up Steam, support these incredible creators, and lose yourself in cozy gaming worlds. Natasha Allegri would approve—after all, Bee and Puppycat taught us that magic exists in the everyday. Happy International Women’s Day! 🌸🎮

This article contains product links. It is not sponsored in anyway by Steam or any of the game studios mentioned below.

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