Which Bee and Puppycat Character Are You?

Looking for some Lazy in Space games to play because your owner banned you from Pretty Patrick Egg Adventure? How about a fun personality quiz to discover which Bee and Puppycat character you are! (or play it until you get the character you want so you can brag on facebook. We won't judge.) 

Looking for that sweet merch from the quiz?

Hey, you're in luck! It's real! And available right here at MoonZoo! Just click here or check out the collections tab to see all of our out of this world Bee and Puppycat Merch!

It's the perfect place to shop for Bee and Puppycat Gifts for the big ass man in your life. We're talking lamps and mugs featuring your faves: Bee, Puppycat, Cardamon, Pretty Patrick, Sticky. Mousepads for your work from home setup and gaming, and even a replica of Bee's Diary!

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