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Greg's Coffee House | Over The Garden Wall mug

Greg's Coffee House | Over The Garden Wall mug

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The night is drawing in, now. The spicy scent of cinnamon tangles with wood smoke in the crisp autumn air, whipping through your clothes and hair. You shiver, hugging yourself close. The tips of your fingers are starting to numb. Wearily you look up through the evening fog- is that a light ahead? You look up at the sign: "Greg's Coffee House, We're Turtle Rich"

A gust of wind knocks you back, away from the Coffee House. You hear a voice in the wind calling out "Stay here, stay in the woods!"

You push hard against the door. A bell on the door jingles. The chill leaves your body as you're wrapped in the warm smell of potatoes and molasses, as soft as puppies and socks filled with cream and candy rocks. Just the way mom used to make.

Greg's Coffee House is the perfect design for cozying up with a hot mug of joe, mashed potato, or cocoa and your annual Over The Garden Wall marathon. Wrap up tight and let the warmth reach all the way down in to your soul.

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