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Nathan Fielder | The Hunk | 2024 Wall calendar

Nathan Fielder | The Hunk | 2024 Wall calendar

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When my wife noticed my life, looks, and general demeanor radically improve, she asked me one simple question: how did you rapidly "level up" in this way across every conceivable dimension of human achievement? I explained that I had been withholding something, and that although I was close to perfect now, I did still have a secret: my small pocket sized, custom made Nathan Fielder pin up brochure. A brochure that I had created by painstakingly combing through his many business documentaries, capturing his essence, intensity and uncompromising will to harness the world with his creative business mind.

She encouraged me for several months to share it with the world and after a while I caved, as I knew that my new benevolent perspective could no longer allow others to be unable to constantly look at these images over and over again, feeling a surge of adrenaline each time. I said to her, why don't I make it into a calendar, rather than a small pocket sized book? She agreed that my idea was amazing. My wife and I envisioned a future where I wasn't the only one with a rock hard abdominal section, a fat bank account and the mental focus and hand to eye co-ordination of a young David Blaine. Good luck.

Available with image calendar grid or plain grid background.

Approx dimensions when hanging = 21cm x 30cm

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